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Following up with my review of the new Corsair ML120 Pro fans, it’s time to now take a look at the bigger ML140 Pro offerings. Not a whole lot more to say here that has not been covered already in that review, so let’s thank Corsair again for the samples and get to it.

Once again, I received multiple ML140 Pro fans to show the different options available. But they all share the same performance, and differ only in aesthetics. As such, let’s take a look at the common specifications from the product page of the ML140 Pro (non LED) fan:

As with the ML120 series of fans, Corsair offers an ML140 Pro LED in red, white or blue colors along with an ML140 Pro non LED version + a twin pack of a ML140 “basic”. All of them have the same performance specification though- rated for a speed control range of 400-2000 RPM with PWM control. These are standard 25 mm thick, square frame fans and will work as case/radiator/heatsink fans depending on the mounting options available. The same 5 years of good customer support that I experienced with other Corsair products should apply here as well, so no complaints there either. Once again these fans are the result of a collaboration with Sunon for the their magnetic levitation bearing among other things. Also, while I always shy about discussing box specs of noise/airflow/static pressure, it must be noted that these have a considerably lower static pressure rating (even with the lower rated speed accounted for) but a higher airflow rating compared to the ML120 fans. We will soon see how this approach fares, but let’s first take a look at the fans on the next page.

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