To go along with the QF120 Performance 120mm fan, Cryorig had sent along 3 CPU coolers as well. I figured since I just tested out the Cooler Master GeminII S524 Ver. 2 top-down CPU cooler, I should begin with Cryorig’s own top-down cooler as well. This cooler is easily the least tall air cooler I have tested so far, and is marketed as an enthusiast ITX cooling solution. I am glad to have received this since some of the cases I have here for review will fit only this outside of watercooling. It does come in at a price point matching some of the larger single/dual tower coolers though, so will the “low profile super cooler” prove worthy of its claims? Thanks to Steve from Cyrorig, we have the opportunity to see for ourselves.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page (which incidentally, along with the rest of their website, is very well designed in my opinion):

We see first the list of compatible socket types for this cooler, which is pretty exhaustive and definitely covers all the recent ones. I was about to make a comment on how LGA 2011/2011-3 and the m-ITX form factor don’t really go along together bu then Asrock went ahead and did this. But before you go hit the buy button (whenever that motherboard is released anyway), know that it uses a narrow-ILM LGA 2011-3 socket and the vast majority of existing CPU cooling solutions, including this one, will not be compatible as-is.

Next up we see some technical drawings of the heatsink and supplied fan which provides dimensions to check cooler compatibility with your existing hardware components, including RAM height. Keep in mind that the illustration indicates that there is 42mm from the top of the RAM sockets before you hit the heatsink, but in reality that number is for the entire height of the RAM sticks. I have had a conversation with Cryorig about this and hopefully this gets updated soon just in case the difference (a few millimeters at best) ends up in a customer with compatibility issues.

Below that we see a list of specs for the heatsink and fan. In particular, we see that the fan is a massive 140mm in length and width but comes in at just 13mm high as opposed to the standard 25mm of most retail fans in this field. This 12mm saving is one of the many reasons that the C1 is such a low profile cooler coming in at ~74mm high total only. To provide context, the CM GeminII S524 Ver. 2 came in at 105mm tall. One could argue that the C1 could have been a little taller and increase RAM height compatibility but, as I said already, I am glad they made the conscious decision to go with lower overall height + moderate RAM compatibility given how this is the only cooler that would fit in some of the cases I have here. In fact, I hear their entire C series will be based on this design philosophy. I suppose that counts as a reveal of more low profile coolers coming in from Cryorig then! But before we get off topic, let’s navigate to the next page to take a look at the C1 in detail.

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