I often tell fellow enthusiasts that Corsair is probably the one company that you can think of as a constant in the PC DIY scene. Whether it is from good marketing or a steady stream of good products or a combination of both, they’ve been around since 1994 as a company and 2002 as a PC DIY solutions provider. This review of the H75 AIO came about more as a result of their HG10 A1 cooling bracket review which will be coming up real soon, and as with the NZXT x41 I wanted to test out the provided AIO as a CPU cooler first before strapping it on to a GPU die. Much thanks to James and George for providing the sample for testing!

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

The 5 year warranty here pleases me because I have personally had only good customer support from Corsair on the rare occasions I have needed it, and so I can would like to assume this means 5 years of guarantee as well. We see this is a slim single 120mm radiator unit that comes with 2 of their SP120L fans in the package. As far as socket compatibility goes, as with most CPU coolers around, this will work with just about anything out on the market from Intel or AMD. Let’s now take a look at the unit on the next page.

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