I have been using the Swiftech MCP35X (a PWM controlled Laing DDC pump with a customized top) for a while now. Swiftech has been around for over a decade now and have established a reputation among PC watercoolers. The “MCP655” is possibly the most recommended pump on online communities, even if it is just a rebrand of the Laing D5 pump. That alone should tell you about the power of the Swiftech brand. There are non-Laing pumps available for sure, but these are relatively low on performance and cost. So when Swiftech announced they were coming out with a pump that is high on performance and low on cost, it immediately caught my attention. I must thank Bryan and Gabe from Swiftech for giving me the chance to review these pumps.

Let’s take a look at the feature list courtesy the product page:

  • Small Footprint: 2.4″ x 2.4″ x 1.8″;
  • 50,000 hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) ;
  • 12 Volts DC
  • SATA connector
  • Variable speed control via PWM thru the motherboard, from 1200 rpm for completely silent operation, to 4500 rpm for ultra high flow performance;
  • Superior head pressure to any pump in the same class and footprint: the MCP50X is particularly well adapted to support multiple devices in the same loop, such as multiple radiators, and/or waterblocks;
  • G1/4″ ports standard for compatibility with a large assortment of fittings;
  • Quick installation with adhesive neoprene pad, or permanent installation with supplied hardware;
  • Optional “built-in” reservoir;
  • 3 year warranty

So far so good. Now let’s take a look at the pumps themselves.

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