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Help Hardware Labs finalize a 180/360/540 mm Radiator Lineup

Navigate to: Unboxing and Overview Liquid Flow Restriction Air Flow Restriction Thermal Performance Conclusion Introduction This is certainly new! It is not often that the general public is involved in the making of a retail product, and so it will be a learning experience for everyone involved- including me. Some readers would have noticed the…

Heads up: Product recall for EK-Vardar 140 (F2, F3, FF4)

Source “Hello guys, I must inform you that following a couple of RMAs we realized the Vardar 140 batch has serious quality issues so we had to stop all sales and will be informing all customers of the following situation: Product recall for EK-Vardar 140 (F2, F3, FF4) EAN# Name 3831109867570 EK-Vardar F2-140 3831109867587 EK-Vardar…

Thermal Bench is getting a makeover

Please don’t be alarmed if the website is down for a bit or looks different. Hopefully the final theme will be applied soon! Thanks again.

Corsair H110i GT RECALL

Well I certainly was not expecting to post this here, but given the review that went up last week and the recall being announced today I wanted to let everyone know just in case. Here’s the official word from Corsair: As a precautionary measure, Corsair has recalled the H110i GT from our resellers for screening….

Swiftech AIO survey

No, this is not a review. But anything that can aid in the progress of products or the science behind them is always welcome here. If you appreciated my review of the Swiftech H220-X and thought this product could be made better somehow, please do take 2 minutes of your time and complete this survey…