Acknowledgements and Contributions

This venture could not have been made possible without the support of several people, brands and entities alike. In alphabetical order:

While review samples are provided free of charge, there is an understanding that this will be backed by a professional and timely testing and write-up. I will also point out that this has no implication on the nature of the review itself, and any attempts to manuveur a review in a direction other than my own will be politely declined. I have had the pleasure of never being in that position and hopefully will never have to either.

I also wish to thanks several people who have guided and helped me out as I develop this website: Simon, Derick, Willie, Hank, Niko, Paul, Mick, Martin, James, Blake and Bryan to name a few. If I have left out names here then I profusely apologize for my error.

Finally, I thank every visitor and reader who stops by, and hope you continue to drop by often. If you would like to help maintain the costs of making the reviews and keeping the website afloat, I have added in a Paypal button below. If you would like to contribute in another way, please feel free to contact me using the contact form. I would also appreciate some social media likes/shares/follows on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you so much!

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