This blog is a PC DIYer’s attempt to study how things work, and how they function in reality. I am a researcher who has been lucky enough to have access to equipment most people can not afford, and then be trained on the usage and implementation of the same. I am also lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with manufacturers and retailers alike to be able to feed on information. But as with all cycles, this blog is also a means towards helping other people who may be looking for information that was not provided elsewhere, or perhaps just a different take on the same matter.

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  1. Britton says:

    Great job on all of your reviews. This is my go-to source for fan reviews! Keep up the excellent work.

    PS – Any chance we might see a review of the vaunted Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut?

    • VSG says:

      Thanks a lot!

      Regarding the Kryonaut- very soon! I was working on getting a custom piece made for helping with this test which is in my hands now.

  2. Denis says:

    Awesome reviews Man. There are quite a little good sites for watercooling stuff, and this one definitely one of the best

  3. Mehmet Bulbul says:

    Wow is all i can say,i saw one of your reviews and you did better than i have seen so far ( i have been online since 90) and i can tell when someone is just running after free stuff and the ones who are honest to rest of us. who wants the know the truth before we spend our hard earned money. I am very impressed with you, young friend keep up with your honesty please, and thank you for that..


  4. TinyRK says:

    Started looking into some H2O-Cooling (again) and some new fans and ended up here… Nice job and keep up the good work!

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