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Despite this website having covered a lot of PC water cooling thus far, I have surprisingly few closed loop liquid cooler reviews. A lot of this has to do with the giant grasp Asetek has on the USA market of course, with other OEMs having to tread carefully around the existing IP. Some have partnered with others in the DIY sector to provide expandable AIOs, and others have added on similar products to their existing portfolio while leaving the CLC market to fewer and fewer players today. CORSAIR (yes, spelled in all caps now) is the largest hen in this roost, and today we take a look at, fittingly, their latest CLC that happens to be their largest to date as well. The Hydro H150i PRO is a triple 120 mm radiator cooler, and this launches alongside the (also) new H115i PRO which is a dual 140 mm radiator cooler. So thanks again to CORSAIR for providing a review sample for us to examine.

The product was shown off multiple times before by the press and even CORSAIR in Asia thanks to a communication snafu, but the embargo date drops today which coincides with the launch as well. The product page should be up on their website by the time this review goes live, but here is a look at the specs till then:

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