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The Silverstone Argon AR07 CPU cooler has an MSRP of $39.99, but street pricing is just $26.34 from Amazon in the USA as of the date of this article. In fact, there is even a rebate of an additional $5 off ongoing and, while it will not be considered for scoring, is still important enough given that is another ~20% off. As such, the AR07 costs the same or less than most single tower 120 mm coolers that get outperformed from both performance and performance/noise on average. At this price, no liquid cooler can come close from a value for your money basis either. The Cooler Master Hyper 612 v2 we compared this against costs $38 as of this time, so once again the AR07 looks excellent so gets a strong pass in the pricing department.

I have long felt that a single 140 mm tower + fan is the sweet spot for air coolers when it comes to build compatibility, ease of installation, cooling performance, and operating noise levels. The Argon AR07 ticks every box and, despite their own attempt at a sabotage with the poorly detailed and sometimes confusing installation manual, this will work fine for the vast majority of end users and system integrators alike since mass or torque on the motherboard is not a concern either. That said, there is scope for improvement- the fan could use a hydraulic bearing, and hopefully Silverstone will move away from the direct contact heatpipe implementation. It would also be nice to see a more user-friendly approach to fan installation than fan clips, but at this point I am just addressing the air cooler industry as a whole. That $26 price point for the AR07 makes all these compromises feel worth while, and I have been using this very cooler to keep my CPU cool while testing GPU waterblocks, for example. The Silverstone Argon AR08 gets a strong recommendation for doing a good job overall at a fantastic price..

As always, my scoring is based off a start of 100% with deductions for relative performance and noise, build quality and packaging, relative pricing and how well a product meets the intended application. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the reviews, do subscribe via the widget on side or on social media- Facebook,Twitter. If you would like to support or want to simply reach out, please use the contact page. Thanks for reading!

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