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The last CPU cooler reviewed here was way back in January with the Silverstone AR08, and it is way past time to cover some more. Indeed, the subject of today’s review came along with the AR08 itself but I had little time to wrap up testing amidst a hectic year otherwise. Things are settling down though, as I have more CPU coolers- air and liquid alike- undergoing testing as I write this. With both Intel and AMD working hard to revitalize the CPU market this year and most SKUs now coming without a stock cooler, I wanted to cover more single tower, affordable cooling solutions. The Argon Series AR07 we are taking a look at today promises to be among the best from the value for money aspect, with a single 140 mm size fan and heatsink where you would also not have to worry about RAM height and compatibility in just about any setup. Thanks again to Silverstone for providing a review sample for us to examine.

As always, we begin with a look at the specs from the product page:

Note that Silverstone have, since Ryzen launched, created a version 2 of the cooler adding in support for AMD’s AM4 socket. I have the older version here but that is really the only difference, and for my CPU test setup it does not change anything. Let’s now take a look at the cooler on the next page.

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