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The CORSAIR LL140 RGB fans launch today, with the twin pack with controller SKU costing $99.99 from the Corsair web shop, as well as third-party resellers, in the USA. Additional single fans cost $39.99 each. It is really not feasible to recommend people buy everything to deck out their PC at these prices, but I really wrote myself into a conundrum here with the HD140 RGB review, didn’t I? CORSAIR essentially gave me what I had asked for there, and the package costs less than the cost of the fans with the Lighting Node Pro separately. If anything, this really makes the HD140 RGB look bad even though I am still not at all happy that we have fans that cost $40 each today. As it is, I do not have the directly competing Thermaltake fans to compare against so from my test suite now CORSAIR is their own competition which I am sure is just how they would like it too.

The LL140 RGB is better as a case fan than a radiator fan, wherein it fails to perform compared to the existing competition and even makes the CORSAIR SP/HD RGB fans look good. I will not sugar coat this- the LL140 RGB is more like two concentric LED strips that blows some air than a performance-oriented fan with LED lighting. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you are aware of it and go with what you want. In having so many different fans, CORSAIR is aiming to offer something for everyone. I thought the HD RGB fans were sufficient but clear not and, if the reception to these after Newegg decided to list them up over 14 hours before they should have is anything to go by, people are excited for this.

Lighting is first and foremost here as a feature, and the 16 addressable RGB LEDs spread across two rings that create a softer, diffused light make this absolutely fantastic for when you want to light up a computer, or even an entire room- these are bright, bright fans. The included Lighting Node Pro means no longer having to work with a 3-button toggle controller, and you get a lot of lighting modes as well. CORSAIR Link is still an ugly driver with user experience that can be improved tremendously, and their own CUE makes it worse by merely existing.

Overall, I can’t help but give at least the same score and award here as I did the HD140 RGB fans. In fact, if I were rating the latter today, I would give it a harsher review even though it costs less. By going further in one direction, albeit at the lack of another, the LL140 RGB fans are what you want when you know you care about aesthetics and bling, and not the best performance. So whoever you are, have at it!

As always, my scoring is based off a start of 100% with deductions for relative performance and noise, build quality and packaging, relative pricing and how well a product meets the intended application. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the reviews, do subscribe via the widget on side or on social media- Facebook,Twitter. If you would like to support or want to simply reach out, please use the contact page. Thanks for reading!

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