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Well, I suppose I did ask for this. In the conclusion of the CORSAIR HD140 RGB fan review, I said I wanted a SKU with the Lighting Node Pro included so people can have the more user friendly and powerful software control instead of a 3-button toggle that you have to press manually if you want something else. We were at the point where those HD RGB fans were more bling than performance-oriented, and I had also brought up that the competition is already there with fans that do more out of the box. This is an RGB war, if you will, where the prevailing company will then get to dictate terms with the user base so when CORSAIR told me about these new fans coming up I knew more or less what to expect. What I did not know, however, was that this went ahead and added even more addressable RGB LEDs- a total of 16 per fan now. So thanks again to CORSAIR for providing the review sample, and let’s see what these Light Loop (LL) fans do.

Let us begin with a look at the specs:

CORSAIR sent me the 140 mm fan with Lighting Node Pro kit that comes with two fans, and the 120 mm kit comes with three fans for those wondering. The Lighting Node Pro here does not come with the LED strips from the standalone unit, and only comes with accessories that help use it with these fans as we shall see. Another thing to note right away here is that these fans have a slightly lower max RPM (1300 vs 1350) and much lower max airflow (51.5 vs 74 CFM), static pressure (1.52 vs 1.85 mm-H2O) and noise (25 vs 28.6 dBA) relative to the HD140 RGB. We will definitely test and see how it fares as a radiator fan as always, but it does appear this is a continuation of the trend of higher RGB/aesthetics with lower performance as a fan in CORSAIR’s fan lineup.

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