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The Corsair HD140 RGB fan twin pack with controller SKU costs $79.99 from the Corsair web shop, as well as third-party resellers including Performance PCs, in the USA as of the date of this article. Additional single fans cost $35 each, and be prepared to pay an additional $59.99/69.99 for software lighting support via the Corsair Lighting Node Pro or the Corsair Commander Pro respectively. It is really not feasible to recommend people buy everything to deck out their PC at these prices, especially when competitors including Thermaltake seemingly offer a similar 3-fan pack with digital software controller for $120. Such a pack from Corsair makes more sense, but I also can not speak for the quality and customization options from the competitors without personal experience either. Take that for what you, but know that none of these really offer anything on the bang-for-your-buck scale.

The customer base for these fans is small, and already knows it wants them barring some unknown value. In that regard, pricing should not be a surprise to the intended user base then. Let us examine the other factors then- packaging was excellent as always, and build quality continues to be good with a hydraulic bearing promising long life and quiet operation. Why then just the two-year warranty? The lighting options on the fans are excellent, especially when paired with Corsair Link, and I will say right away that I had no issues in the test period with the software driver after having done the firmware update available. Still, knowing that Corsair offers Corsair Utility Engine, CUE, for lighting control (among other things) for other Corsair products is a sign of fragmentation to where I would not blame users for not wanting to have two separate drivers from the same company. It appears inevitable that the two will eventually merge, and would that bring about more control from existing hardware or require new hardware altogether? The former would be the ideal situation here, and the latter will just make things worse for users shelling out so much money already- especially as the fans, when it comes down to actual performance, are really nothing special in the extremely crowded market of static-pressure optimized 140 mm fans.

Overall, I think everyone will agree that the HD140 RGB fans were designed with RGB lighting and customization foremost, so in that regard the product does meet intended applications very well. For that very reason it merits a recommendation to those looking at such options and I anticipate getting my hands on more such RGB fans in the future which will help tell if these were still worth the price or not. The Corsair HD140 RGB fans get:

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