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When we took a look at the Corsair HD120 RGB and SP120 RGB fans about an year ago, it was during the golden age of RGB lighting for PC DIY peripherals. Today we are at the point where if a product does not feature RGB lighting, it is the exception to the rule instead. With more and more fan makers getting into RGB-lit fans, Corsair had to make sure they were not falling behind and one of the complaints about the previous two was a lack of software control over lighting, with everything done using a hardware 3-button controller which was fairly limiting. At that time I had teased software control was upcoming, and sure enough it did in the form of the Lighting Node Pro with Corsair Link support. Today we take a look at their HD140 RGB fans, and also cover software lighting control to see how it works out now. Thanks again to Corsair for providing the review samples for us today.

Let us begin with a look at the specs from the product page:

Corsair sent me the twin pack with controller SKU, although you can buy individual fans as well to add to your collection. Also, since we are covering it here, here are the specs for the Lighting Node Pro:

The Lighting Node Pro comes with addressable RGB LED strips included, which are controlled similar to the RGB LED fans (both HD and SP RGB fan types). On the next page, we will begin our coverage in detail with the HD140 RGB fans themselves. 

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