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Air Flow Restriction

Testing methodology

A Noiseblocker-eLoop B12-P was mounted in “push” and an Extech 45158 thermo anemometer was placed 6″ away from the rad/fan assembly and in the same spot each time to eliminate the effect of deadspots or variation in the X/Y axes.

Results and discussion

Here is where I would rather have had the quad 120 mm version instead, since this is only the second 30 mm class radiator currently tested in the 360 mm radiator size. The other one is the Black Ice Nemesis GTS with the super thin fins and tubes so it is of course one of the least airflow restrictive rads, and the thicker fins, tubes and higher than average fin density of the louvered fins all contribute to making the EximoSX from PrimoChill the most restrictive to airflow- so far. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does hint towards the radiator not being a low airflow optimized design necessarily. Let us find out for sure now with thermal performance testing on the next page.

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