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Unboxing and Overview 1

XSPC sent both a block and a backplate for this review, and they come separately packaged as the backplate is an optional extra purchase. For the purposes of this review we will treat the backplate as an accessory and this page will cover all accessories. The GPU block packaging uses XSPC’s standard black and grey color scheme with not a lot of indentification on the actual product inside sans a sticker on the side with a QC sticker next to it. Open it up and see a detailed installation manual included which in turns rests on a piece of soft foam to provide some protection to the contents underneath.

The GPU block accessories are included here next to the water block itself. XSPC provides a tube of their excellent K3 thermal paste, a full size MOLEX cable that power two individual white LEDs to light up the block from the sides, several strips of thermal pads of varying lengths and thickness including some cut and shaped for the VRAM modules, five spare nickel-plated brass stop plugs with a nice knurled edge as well as a slot head to aid in installation, and the mounting hardware itself- 13 screws and washers, and 2 nuts.

The backplate does not get fancier packaging, and instead we gave a plain cardboard box with the same stickers to save on product cost. Inside are two foam sheets on either side to help protect the contents which include another installation manual and the mounting hardware- 11 longer screws and more washers to prevent electrical shorting. The backplate itself comes in a vacuum sealed plastic wrap to keep it clean, and is made of aluminum while having a brushed finish. The XSPC logo is present on the bottom left corner of the side facing outwards whereas the contact side has two raised sections to make contact with the back of the GPU PCB for further thermal transfer.

Let us take a look at the GPU block itself on the next page now.

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