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The Aqua Computer kryographics Pascal for the NVIDIA reference GTX 1070 and 1080 costs €99.9 for the copper cold plate, and €114.89 for the nickel cold plate versions. The active backplate costs €39.90, and all these prices are with 19% VAT included. The pricing in the USA for the waterblocks is $104.95 and &119.95 respectively. With the active backplate the specific review combination provided is among the most expensive of the lot, but if you do not want the active cooling then a stock backplate may work for free.

Build quality, packaging and customer support is excellent here, as is the worksmanship of both products. Getting consistent, good TIM spread on nine separate components on the GPU PCB is worth mentioning here, as is the excellent VRM cooling from the active backplate. Aqua Computer is also the only one I know of to offer a smoked black acrylic top option, if that was to your fancy. At the same time, there will be those who would rather have a block extend the full length of the GPU PCB even if they do not see that side often. That aside, this does plenty enough to get a strong recommendation from me.

As always, my scoring is based off a start of 100% with deductions for relative performance and noise, build quality and packaging, relative pricing and how well a product meets the intended application. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the reviews, do subscribe via the widget on side or on social media- Facebook,Twitter. If you would like to support or want to simply reach out, please use the contact page. Thanks for reading!

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