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GPU waterblock testing has to be the hardest thing I have done here. Watercooling what is essentially a full “motherboard” allows no scope for errors from my side or a block makers, and after two GTX 1080s gave up the third finally lasted long enough for me to test, and re-test, all the blocks on it. So here we are with the first of several GPU waterblock reviews, one done on a GTX 1080 from when it was top of the line from NVIDIA but the point of these remains- consider these a taste of what the individual block manufacturer has designed for GPU blocks in 2017.

I begin this series with Aqua Computer, who have one of the most intriguing offerings for consumers. No one else has gone the distance and made an actively cooled backplate, for example. Similarly, they remain the only company who have dared to manufacture their blocks with such accuracy and precision to where VRAM modules come in contact with the block using thermal paste, and not thermal pads. So let’s thank Aqua Computer for the review samples and begin with a look at the specs from the product page:

Base part: Copper, nickel plated
Top cover: Acrylic glass with stainless steel frame and insert
Terminal: Delrin

Scope of delivery:
Cooler without connectors (screw threads G 1/4)
Mounting material incl. thermally conductive pad
Two sealing plugs for unused connection threads
Hex nut driver size 4 mm for customized screws of the original air cooling unit

and also the backplate:

Back plate: Aluminum, anodized
Heatpipe: Copper, nickel plated
Fixing plate (heatpipe): Stainless steel
Connection terminal: Delrin

Scope of delivery:
One back plate
One heatpipe
One connection terminal
mounting material

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