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The Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis GTR 560 costs $199.95 from Performance PCs in the USA and £160.06 (inc VAT) from Watercooling UK in the UK as of the date of this article. This makes it the most expensive quad 140 mm radiator I know of, and with Aquacomputer not making any of their expensive radiators in this size I suspect it will remain so for quite a while. In fact, even the older GTX 560 and the newer Nemesis GTX 560 cost a lot less, and the average price for the tested 560 mm radiators is 2/3rd the cost. As such, there will be quite a few points deducted for pricing- both relative and absolute.

That said, I do understand why it costs so much considering a brand new fin design and implementation in the PC DIY sector. But I do not have any weightage in my scoring for innovations at this point, so it does not count for anything. Cost is about it as far as any real cons go- build quality is excellent, the lifetime warranty is great to have, the included screws are again more practical and usable for most customers now and liquid flow restriction takes a welcome drop compared to the other Nemesis/GTX/GTS series of radiators. Thermal performance was also as promised, with very good medium-high airflow performance and even better so in push-pull.

There are not many who will benefit from the Nemesis GTR series of radiators, but those who do would do better with the 140 mm size to benefit from the higher performance/noise ratio of 140 mm fans. But it must be mentioned that you can get two 560 mm radiators at the same priceand get better performance if you do not mind the added radiator placement, making this an even more of a niche need. The lack of multiple ports will also be a thing to consider for benchers who may want to monitor coolant temps by using a temperature sensor plug, although it can be easily remedied by an in-line sensor instead. So as far as I go, I can’t universally recommend this at the current price. But those who need it, and you know who you are, will be pleased if money is not an issue. The Black Ice Nemesis GTR is a feat of engineering, but one that may be out of reach for many.

As always, my scoring is based off a start of 100% with deductions for relative performance and noise, build quality and packaging, relative pricing and how well a product meets the intended application. If there were other X-Flow radiators included that outperformed this at a lower price, then the score may have been even worse. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the reviews, do subscribe via the widget on side or on social media- Facebook,Twitter. If you would like to support or want to simply reach out, please use the contact page. Thanks for reading!

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