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Air Flow Restriction

Testing methodology

A Noiseblocker Blacksilent Pro PK-3 was mounted in “push” and an Extech 45158 thermo anemometer was placed 6″ away from the rad/fan assembly and in the same spot each time to eliminate the effect of deadspots or variation in the X/Y axes.

Results and discussion

This is interesting, since the Nemesis GTR 560 is directly being compared to the predecessor GTX 560 (not Nemesis GTX 560, bear with me). The GTX 560 has a higher FPI and same fin thickness so if FPI were the only measure for airflow restriction then minds would be scratching now. It is when fin height and number of coolant tubes/fin stacks is considered that things make more sense. This also shows that the Nemesis GTR is really not for low airflow/noise scenarios so plan accordingly.

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