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The Silverstone Argon AR08 CPU cooler costs $34.99 from Amazon (which is the MSRP) and $37.99 from Newegg in the USA as of the date of this article. As such it costs more than the more popular, and larger single 120 mm, single tower style air coolers which also outperform this from a performance/noise basis. So let’s get right to it- if you have the space for a larger cooler including Silverstone’s own Argon AR01 then don’t consider the AR08. This, as with the AR02 before, is really for the smaller cases and builds that can’t support a larger cooler internally and this means the benefits of higher sales leading to a lower MSRP also do not get translated over here even though the AR08 arguably costs less to manufacture if a single unit of each was to be made.

Assuming that you have no option and it’s down to 92 mm style air coolers or CLCs, these get the price benefit as well as performance/noise benefit. But the issue for the AR08 is Silverstone’s own AR02, and also some other coolers in this size class which cost less as a result of not being new to the market. Taking the AR02 itself since we have taken a look at it before, it cots $10 (26%) less than the AR08 which performing and sounding near identical. The AR08 is thus extremely hard to justify, especially with there being no real improvements done in the time since. The installation process still has the same weaknesses, and the manual doesn’t help much. Unless the AR02 is not available to you or costs more, I would recommend it over the AR08 today.

The Silverstone Argon AR08 gets:

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