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It was almost 2 years ago that I reviewed the Silverstone AR02 CPU cooler, it was their then small form factor (SFF) air cooler option with a single tower heatsink and a 92 mm fan. The market has since then gone further in the way of SFF builds, and this the application and need of more, smaller CPU coolers has increased. Often many go with an AIO style liquid cooler, and Silverstone has made sure you are covered there, but those come at a price and often do not cool as well at lower noise restrictions. As such, Silverstone announced the AR08 CPU cooler which looks and seems just like the AR02 but is a natural progression of technology- especially fin stack technology in the heatsink- and does not replace the AR02 as much as augments it and fills in the gap in their Argon series of CPU coolers. Thanks to Tony for the review sample, and let’s take a look at the unit now.

As always, we begin with a look at the specs from the product page:

At first look these numbers look VERY similar to those on the AR02, and again this was to be expected given the nature of the cooler. The details show the differences, and they are big- the AR08 has a different heatsink and also a different fan. So while the overall aspect and intended application remains the same, this is another approach towards it. The question remains- was this needed while still keeping the AR02 active? Let’s find out beginning with a look at the cooler on the next page.

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