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Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 RAM

Corsair does operate a web shop, however the RAM and SSDs came from their marketing department instead and so we begin with product packaging again:

Ah the familiar Corsair black and yellow color scheme back at it again. The overall packaging is neat and efficient, while also making sure you know this is a Corsair product. On the front we have the company and product names as well as an illustration of the product. I have the white LED version here and that is indicated as well, with the salient specs in a small table on the top right corner. The back has marketing features and specs mentioned, and that’s about it as far as content goes. Open it up, and you get the usual Australia specific warranty policy notice, because it’s law, and then the four sticks of RAM inside two separate plastic clamshell packages. Overall, good packaging but I miss the custom cut foam that goes around the clamshells in the case of their flagship Dominator Platinum series here.

With x99 supporting quad channel memory, here I have a kit of 4 sticks as mentioned before- all DDR4 of course. This is similar in design to the older Vengeance Pro DDR3 sticks, except with a light bar for LED action. At the moment you get a choice of red, white and blue lighting- no RGB here (yet). The top can be easily pulled out which is a con in my books, since I have inadvertently pulled it out when meaning to pull the entire RAM stick out of the motherboard RAM slot. It does click in place so you can tell if it is loose or not, although again the actual force needed to remove it is not a lot either. On the top is the Corsair logo and name whereas the sides either have the Vengeance brand name or the spec label.

Another differentiator from the Dominator Platinum series I saw was these sticks had the heatspreader glued on not as strong. In fact, one of the sticks had it loose enough to pry out even without any heat application. Doing so shows what we have come to expect from enthusiast grade memory these days- a matte black multi-layer PCB, thermal pads on the memory modules, and the heatspreaders connected to them via thermal glue. Each stick here has 8GB of memory courtesy Samsung SEC 616 K4A8G08 ICs rated at 3200 MHz at CAS settings 15-15-15-36 and 1.35 V.

The top of the PCB has the two LEDs, with a very interesting currently empty space for RGB LEDs as well. So I imagine we will see RGB Vengeance LED RAM soon- perhaps CES 2017? The LEDs are diffused by the translucent white plastic piece, which in turn lights up the top of the stick. The PCB is contoured to fit this piece snugly.

Installation is fairly straight forward- just make sure you align the notch in the stick properly, and use the appropriate slots as mentioned in the motherboard manual. These Vengeance LED sticks measure in at 136 long x 7.5 mm wide x 49 mm tall so account for these when choosing your CPU cooler- these are definitely not low profile memory. We can also see that these are shorter than the Dom Plats (55 mm) but not by much.

The LEDs are a proper white, one of the benefits of having a single color LED option here. They match well with the new ACX 3.0 coolers from EVGA (non RGB) for those interested. In terms of lighting, there is a default pulsing animation that goes through all the sticks connected. Corsair Link version has beta support for other lighting options, including a static ON/OFF but for Intel z170 platform only. If I was a paying customer, I would not be happy to be honest- that version came out over 3 months ago and still has bugs, and x99 platform users still have no support at all. It has been a good 5 months now and it is disappointing. As far as my specific application goes, I couldn’t care less as the lighting is simply an indicator of the stick working or not for me and the actual performance being all that matters.

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