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The Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 140 launches today and at the time of publication, there have not been any retail entities with stock for purchase. CM USA tells me the MSRP for the product is $119.99, and will be available for purchase shortly on, Newegg, Micro Center and the CM USA store. For those asking, the larger MasterLiquid Pro 280 costs $10 more. There is no getting around the fact that these are expensive, and this wasn’t very surprising given the market. Corsair’s Hydro H90 is a single 140 mm radiator CLC that has an MSRP of $105 and costs $90-95 from retailers, but is older and has a single fan. The included fans here are more premium with each costing $20 and the price point looks better now- you certainly won’t gain much from replacing the fans here, unlike with other CLCs where I have seen customers spend extra on replacement fans. The cost of R&D is added here too which helped overcome the Asetek IP issue.

That doesn’t mean I am okay with the price though. The liquid cooler market is bloated and costs more than it should. An Alphacool Eisbaer 240 performs better, is quieter and costs the same- there is no reason this should be the case consider this is an expandable copper dual fan radiator cooler. The Swiftech H140-X has an MSRP of $129.99 but is currently on sale for $84.99. So why would anyone buy this? The answer, as always, comes down to the fact that a vast majority of customers do not have access to Alphacool or Swiftech products but Cooler Master has a global retail channel. As such, you can go to a brick and mortar store and pick this up in many countries even. When options are limited, the MasterLiquid Pro 140 is one of the better choices for sure.

From packaging to build quality, Cooler Master have improved upon their Seidon and Nepton series of coolers and the MasterLiquid Pro 140 offers good performance/noise on par with larger air coolers even- a first for CLCs, with the added bonus of not having to worry as much about case air flow or tall RAM compatibility. For that alone this merits consideration. But if you have the luxury of choice, know that there are other options- air or liquid based- that may fit your criteria better. I still think this would fare much better at a lower price point, and perhaps street pricing will hit those numbers soon. If they do, the MasterLiquid Pro series should be the CLCs of choice. Just add in a toggle button for the blue LED, will you? The color won’t go with everyone’s build.

As always, my scoring is based off a start of 100% with deductions for absolute and relative pricing, performance and noise, build quality and packaging and how well a product meets the intended application. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the reviews, do subscribe via the widget on side or on social media-Facebook,Twitter. If you would like to support or want to simply reach out, please use the contact page. Thanks for reading!

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