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Installing the fans on the radiator is fairly straight forward. Just make sure you have the fans blowing air in the same direction if using both, and I generally recommend having the fans on intake taking fresh air and blowing it through the case if possible. Remember to use the provided rubber gaskets as well as in the pictures below (just the radiator plus fans here, no case):

As far as the pump/block piece goes, the very first thing to do is to install the mounting bracket. Given I have Intel only platforms here, I went with it accordingly. Take the two pieces of the Intel mounting bracket, align and then screw them on the pump/block piece as so:

With this done, we are set to begin installation on specific Intel CPU socket CPUs. Let’s begin with an LGA 2011(-3) socket installation:

Take and screw in the LGA 2011(-3) mounting posts in the 4 mounting holes around the socket like so:

Only one side has an M4 male thread, so that’s what you will use here. If all the threads do not go through, it should not be an issue based on my experiences. Now apply TIM on the CPU IHS. For this demo, I have a straight line down the middle (or something similar, anyway):

I used the provided MasterGel Nano TIM here to give you an idea of TIM spread customers will experience. Now place the pump/block piece over the 4 posts after making sure the protective sticker is removed from the base plate:

Secure this in place using the 4 locking nuts, tightening them in a cross manner for uniform mounting pressure:

Connect the pump cable to a 4-pin fan header, and don’t forget to connect the two fan cables to the 2:1 adapter cable which in turn goes to yet another fan header:

TIM spread was okay, nothing to brag about:

Part of the reason is the higher density, higher performance TIM that Cooler Master provides which benefits from a pre-spread before placing the cooler on the CPU IHS. Alternatively, experiment with different TIM applications. The tube provided has enough for 3-5 applications.

For Intel LGA 115x, take out the universal backplate provided with the cooler as well as the 4 other mounting posts and the plastic post holders. Insert the posts through the middle holes on the corners (the more square corners, the rectangle ones are for AMD) and lock them in place as so by pushing the plastic pieces over and around them:

Note also that these have gone though the backplate such that the Intel name is facing outwards when using this on the motherboard from the back:

Now simply repeat the steps as below. Apply TIM, place the pump/block piece on top of these posts and secure it using the locking nuts and remember to connect the cables:

TIM spread here was better despite no pre-spreading again:

Sure, it could occupy more of the IHS and that is where trials and errors come in. Or just pre-spread and call it a day. Let’s now begin testing the cooler now on the next page.

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