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The Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755 was launched globally today, November 4, 2016. As such, there are not many retail options for purchase just yet. It costs €69.95 (inc. VAT) from Alphacool directly, and for customers in the USA the current option is from their global distributor Aquatuning wherein the VPP755 costs $72.46, and if you prefer something more local both Performance PCs and ModMyMods have it up for $72.50. Note that these are prices for the pump by itself and you will have to supply your own top- a compatible one, too. Based on prices of bare D5 pumps, the VPP755 comes in between a barebones D5 with no control/monitoring and a D5 Vario/PWM (all without tops). So in terms of pricing, I will not add or deduct any points for the VPP755 considering the relative, specific price point. If you were to include all pumps tested so far, some “weaker” pumps come in at similar or lower price points with top included but these are really not in the same league. The closest would be the Swiftech MCP50X which costs $70, comes with a top, occupies a smaller foot print but runs way louder at the same performance level (flow rate at practical flow restriction levels).

There are definitely a lot of positives here- as a Laing D5 alternative especially. Be it the better looking aesthetics from the pump cover to sleeved cables or the shorter form factor coupled with a much better performance/noise ratio. Alphacool should be rightly proud of this product. But they did miss some things that seem small and yet leave a sour note. The D5 top compatibility issue for one- there was no need to claim compatibility with all current D5 tops without having tested every single one which is a substantial effort. If they simply claimed compatibility with their own D5 tops, perhaps it might have been better even at the risk of customers then complaining about the lack of support for other brands. The PWM control too is lacking in terms of a confusing description. There is mention of a patented interplay between PWM and manual pump speed control but they should have just mentioned this was a means towards manual or software Vario-like control. There is nothing wrong about this- the D5 Vario is the most popular variant of the most popular pump used in PC watercooling, after all. Being able to set and forget is a luxury for most, and having the option to change it over time via simple motherboard PWM control is a plus point. Alphacool missed the boat here by not making that point clearly. My biggest issue thus is with this SKU itself- a VPP755 w/top and an included manual (hard copy or website hosted) would have taken care of these issues. While you are at it, improve the packaging too.

(Update: November 7, 2016: Please check the more detailed update at the end of page 2 on D5 top compatibility. It does not affect my scoring or recommendation, as there is still ambiguity regarding which tops are compatible and which are not- now we just have another variable in place regarding D5 tops designed for the D5 pumps since 2011 or not.)

The good thing is that all this is coming up at or just after product launch, so hopefully interested customers will have the opportunity to read and understand all the pros, cons, feature set of the VPP755 and make an informed decision. I leave here very impressed, and hoping that other companies continue to develop their own solutions than relying on a company that seems to care less and less about PC watercooling.

The Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755 gets:

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