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We’ve seen our fair share of the Laing DDC form factor pumps here- EK SPC-60, and the Topsflo TDC come to mind- and we have also seen some other pumps that cater to their own form factor including the XSPC X2O 420 in the Ion pump/reservoir. But no matter how much PC DIY watercooling companies tried to go their own way away from Xylem/Laing, the D5 continued to reign supreme owing to high reliability, high flow rate and low noise. The Laing D5 was designed for different applications, and the design itself is not new anymore with scope for improvement. It was not a surprise then that someone decided to make their version of it, and attempt to improve a few things along the way. Enter then the Eispumpe VPP755 from Alphacool, who want to make this their D5 alternative pump and divert sales from their VPP655 (Laing D5) instead. Thanks a lot to Aquatuning for the test sample!

Let’s take a look at the specs from the product page:

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (DxH): 60 x 53.5 mm
  • Cable length: 50 cm 
  • Standard voltage: 12 V DC voltage
  • Power consumption: 14 W
  • Permissible voltage: 8-13 V DC voltage
  • Pressure at 12 V: 4 m water column
  • Maximum flow: 350 L/h
  • Pump medium: water, water/glycol mixture
  • Maximum system temperature: 65 °C
  • Power connection: 4 pin Molex
  • Tacho signal: 3Pin
  • PWM signal: 4Pin
  • Special features: Adjustable in five steps
    • Step 1: 1800 RPM
    • Step 2: 2500 RPM
    • Step 3: 3200 RPM
    • Step 4: 3900 RPM
    • Step 5: 4500 RPM


  • 1x Alphacool ice pump VPP755 – Single Edition
Features: 60 x 60 x 53.5 mm
Color: Aluminum gray anodized
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Power consumption: 14 W
Material: Aluminum, ceramic, plastic
Maximum discharge height: 4 m, Good (2 to 4 m)
Maximum system temperature: 65 ° C
Maximum flow: 350 L/h, standard (less than 500 L/h)
Possible control range: 8-13 V DC
Tension: 12 V DC
Power supply: 4Pin Molex
Water outlet: unavailable
Water inlet: unavailable
Approved fluids: Water, water/glycol mixture

Note that some of the information is repeated above, however everything considered this is a decent spec sheet. A P-Q curve would have been nice, but max head and flow rate will have to do. In fact, I will point out that the VPP755 promises a higher head pressure than the Laing D5 at 3.7 m although that 2-4 m range is confusing. As for max flow rate, 350 L/h translates to 1.5 GPM so I hope for their sake that is an error as such recordings are generally done in an open loop with no restriction and continuous flow of water through the pump with no back pressure. To provide context, a Laing D5 is rated ~1500 L/h (6.6 GPM) and in practice in a closed loop with zero flow restriction aside from the loop being complete ends up close to 4.8-5 GPM. Either way, we will test all this and more. Another item that jumps out here is relatively low power consumption of 14 W compared to a Laing D5 rated at 22-24 W. So if we were to go by these specs, we have a pump promising higher head, much lower max flow and lower power consumption. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the combo Vario knob and PWM control of pump speed. Let’s take a look at it on the next page.

Update: May 14, 2017: Potential customers might do well taking a look at this thread on as well.

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