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This will be the fourth, and final, article covering the new be quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans with the 120 mm, 140 mm and 120 mm High-Speed fans previously covered. This is a higher speed rated version of the “standard” 140 mm Silent Wings 3 fans and, as with the others, comes in both PWM and DC control flavors to choose from. So let’s thank be quiet! again, and get on with it.

Let’s take a look at the specs of the non-PWM version courtesy the product page, noting that the PWM version has similar specs and is just short on some accessories:

be quiet! is so consistent in having a detailed, comprehensive set of product specifications that I can copy-paste this section and not bat an eye doing so. Note that the PWM version is missing the 12 V to 7 V and 12 V to 5 V adapter (and also a 12 V from PSU adapter, as we will see. All of these are on a single adapter, in fact). That aside, they are identical in every other way sans the mode of fan control and fan cable connector of course. Both are rated at 1600 RPM which is relatively high-speed considering the non high-speed version tops off at 1000 RPM. Both have their new 6-pole motor which is fairly efficient as seen from the power ratings above, and both have their FDB bearing resulting in a promised lifetime of a whopping 300, 000 hours. The warranty of 3 years comes as a let down then, as such confidence would be better accompanied with a 5 year warranty. These are 140 x 140 x 25 mm square frame fans with a similar twist to the Silent Wings 2 fans in that the corners are removable and exchangeable. Let’s now take a good look at the fans on the next page.

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