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This is a follow up on the Silverstone Strider 80+ Platinum series of PSUs, with the ST85F-PT tested earlier. As usual, this is an overview of the PSU, it’s build quality and finally a test of the fan noise and airflow as a function of PSU load and temperature. Please combine this with other reviews that test the electrical performance of this PSU for a complete picture. The ST1200-PT is manufactured by a different OEM, Enhance Electronics, compared to the ST85F-PT (High Power/Sirfa) and the fan used is completely different as well. On top of this, Silverstone bundles in an accessory that can further influence how loud this unit can get. These were my reasons to get another Silverstone-Enhance PSU, and I must thank Silverstone for the test sample accordingly.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs from the product page:

Silverstone also provides a GPU support list which may or may not be up to date, but is a point of reference to decide if your system can be powered by this or not- not a fact. Also available is a PSU and cable dimensions + pinout diagram which will prove to be very useful to builders and modders alike despite the inverted cable pin-out diagrams. We will cover the various cables and the PSU itself in more detail on the next page, and as before the powder density is specified almost immediately. This is another unit in the niche of power dense PSUs being carved out by Silverstone, and a 180 mm long ATX PSU rated at 1200 W is fairly good. The power density here is in fact higher than what the ST85F-PT had, and only the 1500+ W monster PSUs beat this out as far as ATX PSUs go. I did give Silverstone some criticism about their naming scheme before, so I will recognize here that they are attempting to simplify it and the “F” from the other new Strider PSUs is not present here. ST1200-PT is fairly straightforward as a Strider Series 1200 W 80+ Platinum rated PSU. As far as warranty goes, the ST1200-PT is so new it is not presently even listed in their warranty page, although given the rest of this series has a decent 5 years of it in most regions I would imagine that is the same here at the very minimum. Let’s now take a good look at the product on the next page.

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