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Corsair have as of the date of this article 10 different AIO liquid CPU coolers, but the H45 is not one of them. In fact, you will be hard pressed to even find a mention of it in North America. This is Corsair’s newest AIO CPU cooler and is up for sale in other regions to customers via retailers and only to system builders in North America at this point. I received multiple requests to cover this considering a lot of UK and Europe based readers have it accessible, so I requested a sample from Corsair and here we are today!

As I mentioned, there is no product page up for this but there are specs available from some of the retailers. For instance, let’s see what Scan UK has to provide:

• Hydro Series H45 Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
• Mounting kit for all modern CPU sockets
• Fan and radiator mounting screws
• Thermal compound (pre-applied)
• Quick Start Guide

Some missing information here, but a quick look at the product box will help out here: Fan speed- 2300 +/- 100 RPM, Fan airflow- 94 CFM, Fan pressure- 3.65 mm H2O, Fan noise level- 31 dBA. This is a single 120 mm radiator AIO, so consider a recommended TDP of 95 W as a place to start. That aside, there’s not much different or new to know from the specs list. Given this is not an official Corsair retail product worldwide yet, warranty will depend on where you buy it from instead. Let’s go to the next page and take a look at the cooler now.

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