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Alphacool has been revamping their entire product line for a few months now, from fittings to blocks to radiators (soon!) to reservoirs. We took a look at their D5 bay reservoir as part of a kit here, but with cases opting to omit 5.25″ slots more and more the importance of a good tower reservoir in a company’s inventory is getting higher. Alphacool thinks their new Eisbecher (Sundae in English) series of reservoirs will be a hit, so let’s thank them for a review sample and see how it works out.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs from the product page:

Color: Transparent
Connector: G1/4″ inner thread
Fillport: G1/4″ inner thread
LED hole: Available (for 5 mm LEDs)
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Material: Plexi
Model of reservoir: Tubing – reservoirs 60 mm
Preinstalled pump: No
Pump compatibility: For 1x D5

Included in delivery:

  • 4x M4x25 mm screw
  • 8x M4x8 mm screw
  • 4x M4 nut
  • 1x mounting ring
  • 1x O-Ring ID ca. 54 mm
  • 2x base
  • 1x allen key 2.5 mm

The Eisbecher series of reservoirs comes in many permutations and combinations with choice of top/bottom caps (acetal or plexi), tube length (150 or 250 mm), standalone or integrated pump top (Laing D5, Laing DDC, Phobya/Eheim). I have here the 250 mm plexi version with an integrated D5 top at the bottom so we will also be able to take a look at how the top performs in addition to the reservoir functionality as well. There isn’t much to go over here which we will not already cover in detail on the next page, so let’s talk warranty. Alphacool has a 2 year warranty on all their products. There are no moving parts in the reservoir, and so the warranty period is moot- it is up to the customer to ensure all fittings, and the pump are installed correctly.

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