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Cherry is not a new name to the PC peripheral market by any means, and their switches are still the standard that most mechanical keyboards aim for. Indeed, the Cherry keyswitch stem has become a universal standard to the point where non Cherry switches- clones or new designs entirely- adopt the stem to allow for a higher degree of keycap compatibility. While Cherry’s bulk business is as an OEM in providing switches and solutions to partners including Corsair, Ducky, Cooler Master and so on, they also maintain a portfolio of end user peripherals under the Cherry brand name as well. It is their opportunity to product a reference design that aims to be the best of what can be achieved using Cherry products, and enter then the MX 6.0 keyboard.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs from the product page:

and here’s a better look at the switch force diagram accompanying the specifications:

The MX 6.0 comes in an option of different layouts (ANSI, ISO etc) but only one key switch and backlighting option. This was the biggest disappointment to me right away, and even though I understand why they limited SKUs for a reference design, I still don’t agree with the choice of MX Red switches (more info on it here). Cherry is aiming this at professionals, and their core business for decades have been the typists rather than the gamers. MX Browns or MX Blues would have made more sense here in my opinion. Let’s take a good look at the keyboard now on the next page.

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