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Silverstone has been carving a niche in the power supply world to themselves, and that is PSUs with the higher power density (power supplied in a unit volume occupied by the PSU). Their SFX series has been the go-to in this regard, including the SX700-LPT we saw before, but ATX form factor PSUs still continue to be the huge majority of all consumer grade units sold and with the new Strider Platinum series, they want to provide reliable units that are as short as possible. Today we take a look at the ST85F-PT, an 80+ Platinum rated unit that is rated at 850 W of continuous power draw and at just 140 mm in length. To provide some perspective, my EVGA 750 G2 is 180 mm long and my Bitfenix Fury 750G is 150 mm long. That extra space comes in handy in smaller case builds where there isn’t much room for cable management from the PSU, so I am curious to see how well the unit is built and how loud it is. As always, please treat this as an accompanying article to reviews that cover the electrical performance of the PSU. While there are not a lot of thorough reviews of this specific unit yet, I encourage keeping a look out at JonnyGuru and Toms Hardware for your PSU reviews. With that covered, let’s thank Silverstone for a review sample and get on with it. Let’s begin then by taking a look at the specs from the product page:

Silverstone also provides a GPU support list which may or may not be up to date, but is a point of reference to decide if your system can be powered by this or not- not a fact. Also available is a PSU and cable dimensions + pinout diagram which will prove to be very useful to builders and modders alike. We will cover the various cables and the PSU itself in more detail on the next page, but we see right away that Silverstone has put emphasis on power density and put up the number proudly. One issue with going after power density is that you can’t fit a 135/140 mm fan in a 140 mm long PSU and that is why we have a 120 mm fan in here. However, it is a standard 25 mm thick fan as opposed to the 15 mm thick fan in their SFX-L PSUs and that will help a lot in terms of airflow at a lower noise level. The ST85F-PT has an Active PFC which seems to be the norm these days in better than decent PSUs. As far as warranty goes, the ST85F-PT has a decent 5 years of it in most regions. The very similarly named ST85F-P is an older 80+ Silver rated unit with a 3 year warranty, so please don’t confuse the two. I have to give Silverstone some flak on their naming scheme here thus, and they are dealing with it- the F in the name denotes an Active PFC, and since all of their recent units have it they are omitting the F on newer units too. Let’s now take a good look at the product on the next page.

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