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When Cooler Master went about their massive marketing campaign of “Master” and “Make it yours”, I knew it was a matter of time before things got out of hand. So let’s get the elephant out of this room right away, this is a ridiculous and long name. Now with that taken care of, let’s refer it as CM Masterfan Pro 120 AP so my fingers do not hate me and continue on. As part of their new product series with everything getting the “Master” tagline, Cooler Master have revamped their fan series into multiple categories- Air Flow, Air Balance and Air Pressure- and these categories are further present with size options. The 120 mm fans have all 3 available, whereas the 140 mm fans come in the Air Flow and Air Pressure options only. Things are not as simple, however, as this is a period of transition and so you will see different regions offer these, not offer these, or offer both these and the previous models as well. The MasterFan series was shown off at Computex 2016 and so far there have been 5 models shown off and announced, all of which are MasterFan Pro fans. Today we get to take a look at the static pressure optimized MasterFan Pro 120 Air Pressure. Thanks a lot to Alfredo and Cooler Master USA for sending a test sample for review.

At this point, the fans are not up on Cooler Master USA and so let’s take a look at the specs from the product page on Cooler Master Eu website:

Cooler Master provides a decent set of specifications here, and there is also a data sheet for those interested. This is not an LED fan, and neither are any of the other 4 MasterFan fans out so far. This is also a standard 25 mm thick square frame 120 x 120 mm fan, and is intended as a radiator/heatsink fan. The most interesting feature, perhaps, is that the fan has 3 modes which affect the max speed. S (Silent) mode has the fan with an RPM range of 650 to 1550 (+/- 10%), Q (Quiet) mode from 650 to 2250 RPM, and P (Performance) mode from 650 to 2750 RPM. One could argue that Cooler Master is giving you 3 fans for the cost of one, if you were indeed looking for different rated speed versions of the same fan, but we will see for ourselves how it works out in practice. This uses their POM (polyoxymethylene) bearing which they have used in fans for 2+ years now and is a sealed, FDB style bearing. Cooler Master is quite proud of it and rates it with a life expectancy of close to 500, 000 hours which is more than I have seen anyone else report. But then they go and give this a 2 year warranty thus negating everything and I would really encourage them to increase said warranty to 5 years given they seem to be so confident of the fan.

Let’s take a good look at the fan now on the next page.

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