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Coolant, Tubing and Fittings

Alphacool provides 1 liter of their Cape Kelvin Catcher (CKC) coolant. This is clear, and ethylene glycol based with additives added (no mention of what exactly)so it will do the job as far as corrosion and microbial/algal inhibition goes but is not environmentally friendly. Keep it away from pets and children, and definitely do not consume it. There is no MSDS provided which is a big no-no in my books, and I can’t stress enough how important it is that Alphacool mend this as soon as possible. I did get a copy of the MSDS online via ModMyMods but it is in German, and it not being easily accessible remains an issue. A liter is also plenty enough for the kit components and more, and if you happen to need more you can buy another liter at <$10 USD.

Alphacool also provides 3 meters of tubing which is long enough even with some practice run errors to fit most cases. The tubing is clear, and the 13/10 mm size is good as well- just don’t bend too much as it can kink:

It has a light blue hue out of the box, and I can’t speak for long term usage. I have no intentions of testing tubing so please use this as the manufacturer recommends and no more, no less.

The included fittings look like they are from Alphacool’s new Eizapfen series with the updated packaging that has a small window as well as that excellent foam packaging for the 6-pack of fittings. 2 fittings each for the CPU block, radiator and pump/res combo unit. You will need to get more if you plan on including more components here, which I do encourage you to think of strongly- this kit is well capable of cooling a GPU or two in addition. It fits the tubing nicely as well.

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