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Silverstone has been the one company people associate with small form factor build support for years now, be it via their cases, slim fans or SFX form factor power supplies. They first showed off the SX700-LPT at Computex June, 2015 and it took an year from then to see the retail product in the market. In the time since, Corsair also showed off their first entry to the SFX PSU market (and their second too) which can be seen here, and it has received good reviews from media and end users alike. Silverstone has had complaints in the past with their existing SFX series of power supplies using small 80 mm size fans with an aggressive fan curve that resulted in relatively loud units. Enter then the newish SFX-L form factor, and enter also the SX700-LPT with 700 W of continuous rated power draw and 80+ Platinum efficiency within a slightly longer SFX-L form factor. Thanks to Silverstone, we can take a look and see if this is the new benchmark for SFF PSUs as they intend it to be.

As always, please note that this is a review covering an overview of the product along with PSU noise characteristics, and I encourage readers to follow this up with other independent testing on the electrical performance of the PSU itself. Let’s begin then by taking a look at the specs from the product page:

Silverstone also provides a GPU support list which may or may not be up to date, but is a point of reference to decide if your system can be powered by this or not- not a fact. Also available is a PSU and cable dimensions + pinout diagram which will prove to be very useful to builders and modders alike. We will cover the various cables and the PSU itself in more detail on the next page, but the first thing that caught my eye here is that the SX700-LPT uses a 120 mm fan which is made possible by the longer than SFX form factor. The PSU thus comes in at 125 x 63.5 x 130 mm instead of the 100 x 63.5 x 130 mm that SFX PSUs, including the Corsair SF600 with its 92 mm fan, adopt. As such, despite the extra 100 watts of rated power the SX700-LPT has a lower power density (power/volume) than the SF600 or even Silverstone’s own SX600-G 600 W SFX PSU but I would rather know about the longer length and plan around it than have a PSU with a small, high speed, loud fan. So let’s get right to business and take a good look at the product on the next page.

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