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Corsair has been riding aboard the PC fan train using their SP120 series of fans- OEM, LED or retail “ring” versions- and they have mostly had a good time through it with these fans featured in more PC builds than not. They were not the best performers, nor were they the quietest relative to fan speed and yet aesthetics and brand won here. Corsair then hired a thermal engineer who has since worked on new designs for coolers, and fans alike. The ML (Magnetic Levitation) fans were first shown to the public at Computex 2016, a little over a month ago, and they were officially announced for public sale on July 11. Will these be the fans that Corsair should be rightly proud of? Let’s find out now.

I asked for (1) each of the ML120 Pro, and the ML120 Pro LED fans but they share the same specifications. As such, let’s take a look at these courtesy the ML120 Pro product page:

This is a direct upgrade for the SP120 High Performance Edition fans rated at 2350 RPM, and the upcoming SP120 and HD120 RGB fans are likely the direct upgrades to the SP120 LED fans. But it is not as simple as just this, as the ML120 comes in LED options as well- just no RGB, and with fixed color options of red, white and blue. Either way, I would not be surprised if there was a slower speed version of the ML120 Pro coming for those looking to replace the SP120 Quiet Edition fans, or others in the <1500 RPM rated fan category.

Corsair is promising a 400-2400 RPM speed range under PWM control, which is really good and we will definitely take a look at this in action. The 5-year warranty is also good, and is on par with other high end fans from competitors including Noctua and Blacknoise, and higher than that offered by others including EK and Darkside. The main talking point here is the MagLev bearing:

I am confident enough to say outright that Corsair is working with SUNON on these fans, and this is a very good thing. SUNON is a brand of the Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Company Ltd founded in 1980 and has since been a reputable player in the AC/DC fan + motor market. Their MagLev technology has been in the works since 2004 with multiple publications in international research journals, so props to Corsair for going with a good OEM to base their products on. Sunon is also one of the (sadly) few companies who operates a certified sound lab, and I have used their products before so I am looking forward to these ML120 Pro fans even more now. There isn’t an exact fan model in Sunon’s database that matches the specs above, but that is not a surprise as the database is similar to a person’s resume- it is used as an application for a job, but the job itself differs. As such, I expect both Corsair and Sunon to have worked on these fans together to bring them to market. Let’s take a look at the fans on the next page.

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