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This is certainly new! It is not often that the general public is involved in the making of a retail product, and so it will be a learning experience for everyone involved- including me. Some readers would have noticed the inclusion of a certain Black Ice Nemesis 180×3 GTS radiator in the reviews of the published 180 mm size radiators and may well have also noticed there is no such thing available anywhere. This is where it ties in with this article to assist in the making of said radiators, and thanks a lot to Hardware Labs for including everyone along for the journey.

There are no specifications listed here, for obvious reasons, so let’s talk a bit about how this even happened. The market for 180 mm size radiators is tiny at best, especially as internal radiators. I can count on one hand the number of retail radiators in this size from manufacturers I have heard of, and possibly 2 can fit inside most cases that support these radiator sizes. Hardware Labs was NOT one of them. Then AMD came along in 2015 with their Project Quantum concept PC which was based off their new (at the time) Fiji based GPUs, and used a unique single 180 mm radiator for thermal dissipation:

This was unlike any other 180 mm radiator on the market, and a few months later I received a package from Manila, Philippines (where Hardware Labs are based off, not China as many think) containing some 180 mm radiators that look suspiciously like the one above. Neither Hardware Labs nor AMD would confirm, but it does not take a genius to see that AMD may well have contracted the former to help design a radiator of specific geometry to fit the Project Quantum chassis. With that being said, let’s head over to the next page and take a look at these radiators now.

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