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Koolance has been riding along mostly silently for a while now in the PC DIY watercooling market, with a reference PCB GPU waterblock every now and then. Their last CPU block, the CPU-380, was launched on August 1, 2013 and it was actually my first CPU block too. I bought it in October 2013, and now almost 3 years later Koolance has introduced the successor: The CPU-390. Three years is a very good time to bring out a new block based on research, development, testing and turnover of CPU generations and so I am definitely excited to see how it performs. With each new CPU block I test, I find something new and yet almost all the top versions from well known companies follow a similar design formula. Thanks to Tim, we can now find out what Koolance has decided to do with the CPU-390.

Let’s take a look at the specs from the product page:

Weight 0.94 lb (0.43 kg)
Materials Nickel-Plated Copper, Stainless Steel, EPDM


Nickel-Plated Copper, Stainless Steel, PMMA acrylic, EPDM

Max Pressure @ 25°C 2kgf/cm2 (28.5psi)
Max Temperature 80°C (176°F)

The CPU-390I/CI support most boards using the following processors:

  • Intel socket LGA 2011 / 2011-v3 (Square ILM only)
  • Intel socket LGA 1150
  • Intel socket LGA 1151
  • Intel socket LGA 1155 / 1156
  • Intel socket LGA 775

You will notice I linked a category page as opposed to a specific product, and this is because there are 4 versions of the CPU-390 water block- 2 each for Intel and AMD sockets, and the two options being an acrylic top and a nickel plated copper top. This is different from the CPU-380 wherein there was only one option per Intel/AMD offering with a metal mounting bracket and an acetal top so already we have some more customization available. This is also why I have combined the available specifications to reflect this. While it would have been nice to see them offer water blocks with both Intel and AMD socket compatibility out of the box, I can understand why they are doing this if the savings from not including the other mounting bracket and installation hardware is passed on to the consumer. It also means being able to provide more specialized designs internally, if they are different of course. At this point Intel CPU coolers and water blocks outsell the respective AMD ones by a good 10:1 at least so that’s another factor. As far as Intel socket compatibility goes, everything in the last 5 years is covered which is all I could ask for although it is still weird that LGA 1366 is not in the list whereas the older LGA 775 is.

Before we take a look at the products, a note reminding you of Koolance’s warranty policy– you get an year of standard manufacturer warranty covering product defects provided you follow their instructions. You HAVE to use their coolants, no aluminum in a loop with unplated brass or copper, and no silver in a loop with nickel. I gave my opinion about this before but this is something that can be a deal breaker for some people and I understand. On to the next page now!

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