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This is going to be the third, and final for now, full review in the 180 mm radiator series following the Alphacool XT45 Triple 180 and the EK-Coolstream WE 540. The “Monsta” series of radiators from Alphacool has always seemed to be a brute force approach to thermal dissipation for me by throwing in as many fin stacks and coolant tube rows as possible in 85-86 millimeters of thickness with multiple ports that would further extend that dimension. To be fair, this isn’t even the thickest radiator and other “Monsta” rads from TFC (The Feser Company), which is defunct now for all practical purposes, have gone past the 100 millimeter mark even. But unless you absolutely had to be in the “thicker is better” mindset, Alphacool’s own UT60 series was better overall sans at higher airflow/higher noise levels. There is no UT60 in the 180 mm size though. This means that the Monsta, with this massive thickness actually looking reasonably normal paired with 180 mm fans, could well make its best showing here. Thanks to Alphacool and Performance PCs, we get to find out if this is indeed the case.

Let’s take a look at the specs from the product page:

Case: Steel
Color: black
Connector: 7 x G1/4
Cooling channels: Copper
Dimensions (L x B x H): 585 x 182 x 85mm
Fan mounting thread: M3
Fan size: 180mm
Fins per inch: 10
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Material lamellae: Copper
Number of fans: 3
Pressure tested: 2 Bar
Thickness: Monsta

Can we all take a moment to recognize that the thickness is classified as Monsta instead of a number? I am sure it was a genuine error but it’s still funny and actually makes some sense here given the Monsta is by far the only radiator in the 85 mm thickness class and everything else is a good 20-25 mm thinner. Alphacool does provide a technical drawing with all dimensions correct, so it’s all good here. As with the other radiators tested, this comes in a single and dual 180 mm size also but let’s face it- no mainstream case is going to fit this inside. In fact, the only case that was designed from a company as opposed to being completely user customized that could fit this was the Caselabs TX10 and even so you needed a pedestal to fit this properly and that is not for sale anymore to end users. This is an external radiator for all intents and purposes so those dimensions of length and height do not matter much anymore do they? It will make for a conversation starter for sure, but something tells me external rads are relegated to places not really seen anyway. Alphacool gives the Monsta series of radiators 7 ports which is nice and especially useful for an external radiator so you can have multiple connectors, fill ports, drain ports, bleed ports all in the same device. It is a mostly copper radiator as with most custom loop DIY radiators sold by reputable brands, and has a mostly black aesthetic. So let’s take a better look at this thing on the next page.

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