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It was exactly an year ago to the date that I finished the last of my five 180 mm fan reviews, and I used a prototype Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis 180×1 GTS radiator then. That has remained in a prototype phase since, but that does not mean those who have cases that can accommodate 180 mm size radiators should wait much longer. Silverstone cases are generally the go-to for these given they also support 180 mm size fans, but a surprise entry has come up recently in the form of the Corsair 600C and 600Q cases which can seemingly support upto 2×180 mm size fans and radiators. These, and monstrous cases such as the erstwhile CaseLabs TX10 aside, 180 mm size radiators have generally been considered as external radiators by default. Even so, we will take a look at some of them beginning with the Alphacool XT45 and of course we go with the big daddy- the 540 mm version. Thanks a lot to Alphacool and Performance PCs for arranging the sample.

Let’s take a look at the specs from the product page:

Case: Steel
Color: Black
Connector: 6 x G1/4″
Cooling channels: Copper
Dimensions (L x B x H): 583 x 182 x 45 mm
Fan mounting thread: M3
Fan size: 180 mm
Fins per inch: 12
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Material lamellae: Copper
Number of fans: 3
Pressure tested: 1.5 Bar
Thickness: 45 mm

There is also a useful technical drawing with dimensions listed to help check for compatibility inside a case and with other components. Alphacool tells us that the XT45 180 mm series, which comes in single, dual and triple fan sizes, has 6 G/14″ ports which is going to be very useful in routing tubing and also using the additional ports as fill/drain/bleed ports. The radiator is all black in color, as with most radiators, and has a steel casing with mostly copper (brass) internals. It is a huge radiator, as with any triple 180 mm radiator, and so please make sure you know what you are doing with this before hitting the purchase button. While not mentioned in the specs list, the radiator product page also says that this weighs 2.147 Kg empty and comes with a 1 year standard manufacturers warranty. Let’s take a good look at the radiator on the next page.

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