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This is a follow up on the TD03-E reviewed last week in that both it and this TD03-LITE were sent together at my request, and I wanted to cover the more budget friendly liquid cooling options for end users. The TD03-E was impressive in its own right, and focused on providing a more high end, deluxe model at a price where dual 120mm radiator AIOs were coming close. As such it faced competition in terms of outright performance from not only air coolers, but also larger liquid coolers. This TD03-LITE aims to set the playing field back on Silverstone’s favor with focus on price to performance. Thanks to Tony, we can now see if this is indeed the case.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

The TD03-LITE shares a lot of things with the TD03-E: both are single 120 mm radiator coolers with an identical pump and block setup functionally (at least based on the specifications and the product gallery in the product page), and both use the same stock fan if the specs above are an indicator. The TD03-E comes with two fans, however, whereas here we have one that is rated from 1500-2500 RPM. Do not be alarmed if you have not read the review of the TD03-E yet, the fan is quite quiet at 1500 RPM and did a pretty good job in terms of airflow through radiator as a function of noise levels there. The material composition and aesthetics are different here, and this also means the net weight of the TD03-LITE is noticeably less than the TD03-E. I understand all these cosmetic (and one less fan) changes in order to keep the price point low, but one change I am not happy with is the warranty here. Despite what looks like the exact same moving parts used here, with one less source of failure too, the warranty period is 2 years in North America based on the general Silverstone product warranty page here, as opposed to 5 on the TD03-E. I would like to see this increased- if only for peace of mind of the consumer, and as a factor that affects purchase decisions. Let’s go over the other differences in more detail as we take a good look at the cooler on the next page.

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