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There is not much more to add as an introduction on top of what I mentioned in my review of the Fractal Design Venturi HP-14 fan, aside from that 120 mm fans are still more popular in the PC DIY industry and my inbox still gets a lot of requests for coverage of the Venturi HP-12. In several ways, 120 and 140 mm fans of the same series are generally  similar to each other but the former face a much more crowded market. Thanks to Performance PCs, we can now see how Fractal Design’s first real attempt at static pressure optimized 120 mm fans works out.

Let’s take a look at the specs from the product page:

Package contents

  • Venturi Series fan
  • Screw pack with 4 metal screws
  • 1->2 PWM signal splitter cable

As with the HP-14, the Venturi HP-12 product page shares the same specs sheet as the rest of the Venturi fan lineup from Fractal Design. It remains a very comprehensive sheet, and I remain pleased to see it. The HP-12 is a standard 25 mm thick, square frame 120×120 mm fan rated at 1800 RPM compared to the HP-14 at 1500 RPM. Fractal Design lists an RPM of 400 at low PWM signals (0-20%) which would lead one to assume the HP-12 has a PWM duty cycle of ~20-100% at the very minimum with an RPM range of 400-1800. The fan uses a fluid dynamic bearing which is a longer life sleeve bearing and this is reciprocated in the rated MTBF of 150,000 hours, and is rated at a max input current draw of 0.2 A (2.4 W) for people wanting to be on the safe side when powering these fans. The color scheme of the fan and cable mentioned in the specs is a plus in my books, but I would have liked to see warranty period explicitly mentioned in here as well. I understand these fans have a limited 1 year warranty based on communication from resellers based in the US, and if this is true then I would really urge Fractal to increase the warranty period to 2-3 years to be more in line with competitors. Let’s now take a look at the fan on the next page.

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