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EKWB has been revamping their radiator lineup since late 2013 with the introduction of the Coolstream PE series that offered a boxed frame composed of a 4 piece shroud surrounding the radiator core, and this design has since been seen in their Coolstream XE and SE series of radiators. All 3 of these have been for 120mm size fans going from 120, 240, 360 and 480mm in size but it was only in summer of 2015 that the replacement for their 140mm rads, the XTC, was released in the form of the Coolstream CE. At launch, the 140, 280 and 420mm sizes were available and it was only on January of 2016 that the 560mm version was available. Thanks to EK, we can now take a look at the Coolstream CE 560 and see how it performs.

Let’s take a look at the radiator specifications from the product page:

Technical details 
– Copper fins
– 90% copper tubing (H90)
– Brass chambers
– Aluminum/Steel housing

Dimensions: 600 x 145 x 45mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 2.06kg
Liquid Capacity: ~470mL
FPI: 16
Port threads: 2x G1/4
Fan compatibility: any standard size 140x140x25mm fan; UNC 6-32 thread tapping
Pressure tested: 1bar(g)

– EK-CoolStream CE series radiator /w two pre-installed G1/4 extenders
– Flat-head UNC 6-32 screws (l=30mm)
– Flat-head UNC 6-32 screws (l=5mm)
– Allen key 2.5mm

Note that the older XTC series was thicker overall, and EK is targeting the Coolstream CE in the 45mm thickness class of radiators. On first thought, this seems like a good move considering there are relatively few 140mm size radiators that are in the 45mm thickness class- there’s the Alphacool XT45, the XSPC AX and the Aquacomputer Radical 2. As such, the Coolstream CE might well be the best overall performer here relatively to the others. There are rads in the 30 and 60mm thickness class as well though, and comparisons will generally be made collectively. EK says the Coolstream CE has been designed to work with their Vardar series of 140mm fans which would lead one to think this is a med-high airflow optimized radiator. To be more specific, the core on the Coolstream CE has been designed for 80 CFM airflow as a good balance of performance and noise, which coincides with their Vardar F2-140 fan. We will soon see how the radiator performs.

As far as other specs go, the Coolstream CE is slightly longer than most other quad 140mm radiators owing to the box frame design and there is a drawing with more dimensions here for you to check for compatibility. As with most other radiators intended for PC watercooling, this employs copper fins with brass tubing and endtanks, and the housing itself is made of aluminum and steel. Let’s now take a better look at the radiator on the next page.

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