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Topsflo, or rather TOPS Micro Pump Technology Company, is a relatively small company based in China. It was established in 2001 and has since diversified into various industries including Food & Beverage, Automotive, Medical Laboratories and so on. But across all these fields, their strength remains in the production of DC brushless pumps on scales that PC watercoolers would also resonate with. The more interested readers would find some pumps that look similar (no, the XSPC X2O 420 isn’t a Topsflo pump even though it looks very similar to some of them), with specifications that are similar to offerings from Laing as well. Today we get to check a customized version of the TDC which is one of their “special pumps” and marketed for 24/7 water cooling of workstations and, in their own words, ” presents an ideal solution for liquid cooling of processors and electronic components..”. Thanks to Performance PCs for sending a sample for the review.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

There is also a very useful technical drawing with dimensions listed out for the pump here. Note that by default, the TDC comes with fixed 3/8″ barbs whereas I have a customized version from Performance PCs that has threaded G1/4″ ports on both the inlet (center top) and outlet (left front) which is much more user friendly in terms of giving people routing options and also choice of fittings to use. The rest of it is the same, and I am glad to see detailed specifications here. We see that the TDC is rated for a head pressure of 2.7 m (~2.85 PSI) and a max flow rate of 420 LPH (1.85 GPM) at 12 V. This is a voltage controlled pump, and the specs suggest it may be best to run this at 12 V continually but it is always nice to have the option to slow it down if need be- especially if it is loud. We will soon find out if this is the case. Aside from this, we see that the pump is centrifugal in nature, uses a DC brush-less motor rated at 50, 000 hours of operation with a ceramic bearing shaft that has a stainless steel bar in the middle and a slim magnetic impeller that has an ABS plastic casing. The pump housing is made of polyphenylene sulfide and the O-ring used is EPDM rubber. If all this is greek to you, a Laing DDC uses these very materials as well as do most consumer pumps.

So as we see it, the Topsflo TDC is a low power pump marketed for long term, continuous operation. Topsflo being an OEM, it is up to their customers and your resellers to give you warranty and provide customer service. The resellers themselves get a standard 12 month warranty. Let’s take a look at the Performance PC’s customized version on the next page.

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