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The Fractal Venturi fans have also been requested a lot by many readers so far, and especially the HP (High Pressure) series. Fractal Design is a relatively new company, based in Sweden and has reached good global brand awareness in short time thanks to their emphasis on clean looks, well priced products and good marketing. While focusing more on cases since launch, they have since also introduced power supplies, CPU coolers and fans. The HP and HF Venturi fans were introduced a little over an year ago, with the HP fans marketed for heatsinks and radiators as opposed to the HF fans marketed for case airflow. Thanks to Performance PCs, we can take a look at both the HP-12 and HP-14 fans, beginning with the 140mm version here.

Let’s take a look at the specs from the product page:

I am a big fan (heh) of detailed product specifications. Fractal Design has chosen to have a single table for all their Venturi fans which makes comparisons easier but my life slightly difficult. Besides that, we see that the HP-14 comes in a PWM control only option, is a 140mm fan with a square frame and standard 25mm thickness. But the fan can be easily converted to a round frame 140mm fan with fan hole spacing more typical of 120mm fans by using included accessories which we will see soon. Based on the list, we also see that the HP-14 is rated at 1500 RPM, and has an estimated PWM duty cycle of at least 20-100% based on their rated minimum RPM of 400 at 0-20% PWM. The fan uses a fluid dynamic bearing which is a longer life sleeve bearing and this is reciprocated in the rated MTBF of 150,000 hours, and is rated at a max input current draw of 0.2 A (2.4 W) for people wanting to be on the safe side when powering these fans. The color scheme of the fan and cable mentioned in the specs is a plus in my books, but I would have liked to see warranty period explicitly mentioned in here as well. I understand these fans have a limited 1 year warranty based on communication from resellers based in the US, and if this is true then I would really urge Fractal to increase the warranty period to 2-3 years to be more in line with competitors. Let’s now take a look at the fan on the next page.

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