Blacknoise is a company I have worked with for a while now, with them having sponsored the fans for my 120 and 140mm size radiator tests. I have also reviewed some of their fans before, including some of the 120mm eLoop fans. So when I learned they had 140mm eLoop fans ready I immediately asked for some to test out- especially the higher speed variants. Thanks a lot to Niels for arranging samples of the B14-PS and B14-3 fans.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

As with everything else Blacknoise, the product page is shared by the series of fans in this category- the 140mm eLoop fans to be more specific. There is also a datasheet that has more information:

Between these two sources, we get a lot of information. For instance, we know that these are 140 x 140 x 29mm fans as opposed to square frame 140mm fans that are generally 25mm thick. Right away I must tell you to make sure you account for these extra 4mm (8 if you go push-pull on coolers/radiators). They all have the standard NB-eLoop bionic impeller design made of Makrolon polycarbonate, with a sealed magnetic bearing and a reinforced fiberglass PBT frame. The 6 year warranty is nice too, as is the MTBF of 160k hours. Another thing common across all the 140mm eLoops is their traditional short cable design accompanied by two extension cables of varying lengths for easy cable management.

The B14-PS is a PWM controlled 4 pin fan that has a rated speed range of 300-1200 RPM, whereas the B14-3 is a voltage controlled 3 pin fan with a rated speed of 1400 RPM. I had asked Blacknoise about their decision to stick to a max speed of 1400 RPM and they mentioned that they had considered an 1800 RPM version for a long time but prioritized noise and airflow for these fans such that the B14-3 should satisfy most of their customer base. That’s a bold decision, but then again so was going with 29mm thick fans because 25mm wasn’t enough to fit their design. Let’s see how it worked out beginning with a look at the fans on the next page.

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