Lian Li is not a brand I would have associated with CPU blocks an year ago. But when CaseKing and Overclockers UK (2 retailers based in Europe) decided they wanted an exclusive CPU block to sell, they went with Lian Li. They have had a long history of cases in the consumer retail market, and most of their products have been well received. This block was first shown off at Computex, 2015 with sales beginning in parts of the world a few months later. Thanks to Performance PCs, we get to take a look at the block and see how this newcomer performs.

Let’s tale a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

Model CB-01
Dimension (W)96mm x(H)20mm x(D)96mm
Weight 191g
Connectors G1/4″ x2
Compatibility Intel:

Lian Li also makes available a manual as a link, which in turn is a zip file that has a 2 page installation manual PDF file. It would have been so much more user friendly to embed the PDF directly on the website, but online availability is still given a check mark here. This manual is also included as a printout with the block itself as we will see in the next page. Going back to the specs now, there isn’t really much to see here. The waterblock, called the CB-01, is relatively large in exterior dimensions and is compatible with most recent Intel and AMD CPU sockets. It follows the now  standard G1/4″ threading for the inlet and outlet ports, and that’s about it. There are also some pictures on the product page, but we will cover that in the next page beginning with the unboxing.

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