Thermalright is one of those companies you rarely hear about, but when you do it is almost always good things. This was the case for me after having been an online community member for a few years now, and after some particularly positive comments I had to try for myself. Without too much of a spoiler here, I am glad I did. The company is mostly invested in air cooling in the PC DIY retail market, and as such I had the opportunity to see how round frame 140mm fans would work on 140mm size radiators. Thanks a lot to Thermalright and Lloyd for arranging two samples of the TY-147A fan for testing.

Let’s take a look at the specs courtesy the product page:

  • Fan Dimension : L152 mm x H140 mm x W26.5 mm
  • Fan Weight : 160g
  • Fan Speed : 300 – 1300 rpm (PWM)
  • Sound Level : 15 – 21 dB(A)
  • Airflow : 16.9 – 73.6 CFM
  • PWM fan, provides simple and easy adjustment of fan speed with the latest ETC IC 
  • Seven Silent Torpedo Blades – “submerges”, gives most quiet and efficient airflow 
  • Enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing (EHFB) – to ensure consistent and stable rpm, prolonged lifetime of usage
  • Aerodynamic body–Less friction around the edges and give more centered and concentrated airflow

There is not a whole lot of detail here, but enough to where most customers would find the information they are looking for. Most importantly, this is a round frame 140mm fan with mounting holes that correspond to 120mm fans and as such they can’t be mounted as-is on 140mm size radiators. Even so, one dimension is >140mm so you can install it one particular orientation only alongside each other on 140mm size rads.Native support for single 120mm radiators is present, but the larger fan size means that you can’t have multiple of these fans on a 120×2/3/4 size radiator. As such, one needs to either make an adapter as illustrated below by Lloyd (who goes by “Doyll” on online communities):

In fact, I ended up making an adapter myself for testing this alongside other 140mm fans so far and this would also act as a bridge of comparison if I end up doing a round frame 140mm fan mini roundup (when there are enough samples) on an air cooler heatsink. But back to the TY-147A now, we see this is also slightly wider at 26.5 (measured in at 26.6 mm here on average) and with the adapter in place which has to be thick enough to accommodate a few threads at least you are looking at ~30mm in addition to the radiator. Aside from that, things are mostly standard with a 1300 RPM max speed rating and PWM control via a 4-pin fan header. There is not enough information on the bearing type for those looking to see if this is a sleeve/ball/fluid dynamic style bearing or something else but more importantly I would have liked to see power ratings for the fan at startup and operation. There is a power rating on the fan sticker as we will see soon so this is not a deal breaker by any means. Let’s take a look at the fan itself now on the next page.

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