We took a look at the Alphacool XP3 Light earlier this month and noted that it was a decent performer but it could benefit from a price cut given the circumstances. Phobya works very closely with Alphacool, and when I first saw the block in person I thought it was perhaps based off the XP3 Light itself. But no, the UC-1 Extreme (and UC-1 LT) CPU block uses a newer design inside more reminiscent of other modern CPU blocks. In fact, Phobya has had a revision of these as well with the UC-2 series out also (Ultra Cooling version 2, that is, but only in the LT or Lite models so far). The extreme models have a full metal top, and given how my hot box tends to favor those I went ahead with this block to see how it works out. There is another reason I chose this, but you will have to wait to find out. Thanks to Aquatuning and Performance PCs for sending a sample for testing.

Let’s take a look a the specs courtesy the product page:

Technical specifications:

  • Material water block: Copper, Brass
  • Material mounting plate: Aluminium
  • Dimensions Intel version: 94 x 94 x 15mm
  • Weightt: 274g
  • Connection thread size: G1/4“
  • Mounting screw size: M4 
  • Compatibility: Intel: 775, 1366, 1156, 1155, 2011, Xeon

Extent of delivery:

  • 1x Phobya CPU-Cooler UC-1 Extreme Intel 775,1155,156,1366,2011 – Brass Edition
  • 1x Thermal compound Phobya HeGrease Extreme
  • 1x Mounting material

We note here that this is the Brass edition, as in the top is brass but with a dark nickel plating and the cold plate remains copper. There is also a “Silver Nickel Brass Edition” which comes with a nickel plated copper cold plate. The LT models come in a variety of copper/nickel plated copper colplates with top options of acetal and plexi (this latter option having holes for LEDs as well). There is then the matter of choosing between the Intel or the AMD version, as these don’t support all sockets out of the box. My Intel version here has support for all the Intel CPU sockets released in the past decade so no complaints on that end but for those switching between Intel and AMD sockets they would have to purchase the mounting bracket/kit separately- better than having to buy a whole new block, but still something to be aware of. As with all full metal top blocks, this weighs a lot more than standard acetal/plexi top versions. In terms of accessories listed, thermal paste and mounting gear is included but there is no mention of an installation guide. No mention of warranty either, but all things Phobya carry a standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. I would like to see this increased to 3 years now really, and on this note let’s take a look at the block on the next page.

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